Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone has a very distinctive sound and is a great instrument for Jazz and improvisation. It is a very social instrument and gives the opportunity to play in a variety of groups. It is straightforward to learn and gives quick results.

The alto saxophone is the standard instrument for beginners, it is quite heavy so you need to be at least 9/10yrs old. Smaller children can start on the soprano saxophone which is lighter. The tenor saxophone is great fun with a low fruity sound, but be warned this is a bigger instrument to hold!

Please contact for music lessons on the saxophone.

  • Music lessons given leading to music examinations
  • Exam Boards available - Classical and Jazz
    • Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music (Newbury Centre)
    • Trinity and Guildhall Examination Boards (Kintbury Centre)
  • Saxophone lessons for fun and recreation
  • Opportunities to take part in Newburys local Music Festivals
    • Oxford
    • Tilehurst
    • Maidenhead
    • Salisbury