Godspell Performance dates
Wednesday 30th May - Saturday 2nd June 2007 (including Saturday Matinee)
I would like to welcome along this Sunday (4th March) the Main Choir, as we kick off with their first
rehearsal for Godspell. I hope they all enjoy it and that they continue to enjoy their involvement for the
next 12 Sundays.
This weekend St Nicolas Church is hosting an arts weekend. We are holding an open rehearsal so that the public
can pop in for a taster. If you happen to be asked any questions about Godspell, and cant answer them, point them in the direction of
Sarah, Nic or Mandy!
What elseis going on ……..
Well…..Sarah and I have spent most of our time recently focusing on what people are
singing, or where people are standing on stage. However there is an awful lot more to think
about in the bigger picture.
We have a volunteer from the arts –Amanda Tipple, a local artist, who has joined us to
offer assistance on the arts side. She will be running some workshops locally with Mencap.
The work she does with them in their “after school club” environment will be used to
decorate the church during the performances. If you would like more information, just ask!
We have costumes to decideon –You will all be costumed in some way. whether you are
part of the main choir, principal cast or a philosopher. Once we have made a final decision
on costume, you will be advised straight away. That will give you plenty of opportunity to
find/borrow suitable items. Don’t panic –anything we ask you to provide will be easily
obtained, promise!
We have a stage set to build–we are very grateful, as we have been
Awarded some monies to help us fund this project, and this will enable us to build extra
staging as well as build the original set desired. If you are interested in helping with the
construction or painting of the set can you email mandy@mask1.co.uk as soon as possible, as
we will be looking to get a team together fairly soon so that this part of the project can get
We need scaffolding–. Does anybody have contacts with any building/scaffolding
companies? This could help us in our approach to local companies so let Sarah or Mandy
know asap at rehearsals.
We are interested in Sponsorship –Does anyone wish to sponsor / promote their business
in our show programme? If you do, please catch Daniel (Jesus) and have a chat with him at
Children’s Dance - Your rehearsals begin in just a few weeks!!
Look forward to seeing you on Monday 19
March at St Nics Church Hall, Newbury,
5.30-6.30pm – Wear clothes and shoes that are sensible and comfortable to move in.
Children's Choir - workshops don’t start until WED 18th April, 5 – 6pm. Won’t be long now!
The Children’s Show Levy of £5 is not due until 29
April 2007.
Regards Sarah & Mandy
Godspell Tshirts
Everyone will be supplied with a
FREE Godspell T-shirt. In the next
few weeks
Somebody will ask you to
advise your preferred size. These
T-shirts are for you to wear in
and around town as much as
possible to promote the project
– You will also be required to
wear them for the
performances – be sure to get
the right size!!!!
If you would like more T-shirts /
hoodies for your family/friends
please ask Sarah for more info.
Any additional T-shirts would
Tea Break
We plan to have a break
each week during rehearsal.
There is no-one in particular
to organise refreshments in
the kitchen – so please help
yourselves, but tidy away
afterwards! Alternatively, you’re
welcome to bring your own!
£5 Show Levy
Adults show levy is due by
March '07